Still Vomiting!


Even with a G-Tube and Nissin in place, the vomiting still continues with or without prompting!

Meet Evelyn

evie-baby-NG-tube-5212 (1)

Evie still has the affectionate nickname ‘mystery baby’ in honor of her elusive diagnosis. We welcome you to read her story, perhaps we will find another child with such symptoms.

Physical Therapy


Evie endures all types of physical therapy. Stretching, range-of-motion, prone, kneeling, head control – everything is performed. Early intervention at its finest – of course it helps that Grandpa is a PT.



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Uneventful Birth

Tiny hands

Evie was born without complication at Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center in July, 2010.

Lactation Consultant

Young Evelyn

At three days we seek the advice of a lactation consultant and get a great response from Evie. She is adapting well and seems to be feeding effectively. Although feedings are difficult, we are encouraged that she will get the hang of things.

One week checkup is fine


Evie’s one week checkup was fine.

G-Tube Surgery


Evie has G-Tube surgery with Nissin in February, 2011, at 30 weeks old. Although it is “virtually impossible” to vomit after a Nissin fundoplication, Evie manages to break the rules.



Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy are all implemented to help Evie progress.