Slow weight gain at 2 weeks


At two weeks Evie has not yet hit her birth weight, but we are reassured that this is no reason to be alarmed and that she is progressing normally. We mention that she sleeps constantly and she has barely opened her eyes – again, this is not a significant enough finding to be considered abnormal.

Failure to thrive


At two months Evelyn is officially demonstrating failure-to-thrive (FTT) and is still considerably below her birth weight. Reflux is thought to be the culprit.

Food allergies

We called this her "ginger" phase... it didn't last.

It seems like everyone has food allergies nowadays. In order to determine if it is Evie’s formula that is giving her trouble she is switched to Nutramigen formula.

First Hospitalization – 12 weeks old

Sitting with poppa

After multiple followup weight-checks, Evie is admitted to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. A barium swallow study with stomach emptying is immediately performed and she is placed on Prilosec and Zantac.

Continued feeding trials


Feeding trials are continued in an attempt to gain weight, and Evie has frequent weight checks.

EEG Performed — No abnormal findings noted


Second Hospitalization — 19 weeks old


Evie is hospitalized for the second time in December, 2010 at 19 weeks old. She receives a NG tube facilitate feeding.